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Online Applications services catalog has solutions for server and data management, smart dashboards that facilitate decision-making and strategy implementation. And also the Command Center, with a team specialized in crisis management and assistance. We guarantee efficiency, scale, and intelligence. See below our ways to connect your company with the future!

Group 95

Command Center

Real-time analysis of your company’s data and indicators. Make smart decisions!

Database Administration

Database proactive monitoring. Anticipate errors and ensure better performance!

Data Science

Data extraction and personalized analysis. Set goals and outperform the competition!

Transform your data into successful strategies!

Command Center

We have a structure of highly trained and specialized professionals to monitor and act proactively in customer service and support, with ease in identifying and solving problems to serve your business on a 24×7 scale. Everything to ensure continuous high-quality performances to your business daily.

Database Administration

The specialized service in Database Administration aims to proactively manage and monitor data from a company’s servers, ensuring more safety, reducing the occurrence of errors, and correcting failures in advance. Among the main benefits of this service is the protection against theft and data breach – a requirement of the General Data Protection Law for Brazilian companies.

With professionals specialized in the main market Databases, Online Applications offers the DBA service, with real-time monitoring of maintenance, backup, and data recovery routines.

Data Science

The Data Science area uses the best technologies on the market to store, process, and extract information from data in different sectors of a company. With such technologies, it is possible to carry out different types of analysis, such as descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, and diagnostic analysis – all of it focusing on improving products and processes.

With the best tools and qualified professionals, Online Applications streamlines decision-making and the creation of marketing strategies, customer service, relationship with the market and competition – all based on real data analysis of your company.


Position your company ahead of the competition!

Online Applications offers personalized services according to the goals of each business. Get in touch with us and discover the possibilities to make your company smarter.