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We are a company focused on connecting the market with the future. We are looking for constant and disruptive innovation. Our DNA is made up of technology and many challenges. Embark with us on this journey!

Learn about our history



Beginning of the activities of the company IT Global Services (ITGS), focusing on software development and database administration.


Online Data Center Merger

Creation of one company through the merger of ITGS and Versifico, focused on NF-e issuance, and the beginning of SaaS (Software as a Service) culture.



With the mission of delivering more value to customers based on their stored data, the first MVP of Onbusca is born, which would become the group’s first startup.


Online Group

As part of a strategic repositioning process for End-to-End delivery of technology services, the Online Group was formed with three companies: Online Data Cloud, Online Applications, and the startup Onbusca.


Online Applications Spin-off and
Online Data Cloud

Aiming for business growth and long-term continuity of each company, there was a spin-off (company division) of the Online Group and an identity change to Online Applications. Currently, each company is dedicated 100% to its front of action and continues to work together as business partners. In this process, the startup Onbusca was absorbed by Online Applications.



Online Applications is undergoing strategic repositioning, brand renewal and definition of its business areas. With a focus on connecting the market with the future, there are three main pillars defined: Software Factory, Digital Platforms, and Services.



With the growth of Online Applications and the creation of new solutions, we have attracted atenttion of global players, with that we started to do projects abroad.

For us, the search for excellence is constant!

We were born as a technology company capable of bringing digital transformation and technological innovation to different sectors of the economy. Thus, we have become highly specialized in tax, logistics, and big data solutions. These guidelines have made us a SaaS company, and from this point on, the search for excellence has become constant. Our aim when we create and propose solutions is to improve your life. By transforming lives, we aim to contribute to a better world.

Our purpose is
to connect the market with the future!

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